Fractures services offered in Las Cruces, NM


A broken foot or ankle makes it hard to do your everyday activities, especially if you’re active. At Mesilla Valley Footcare, Rolando Cadena, DPM, and Clair Cadena Miranda, DPM, offer walk-in fracture care at Mesilla Valley Footcare in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Whether you have a minor toe fracture or a complicated ankle fracture, the team provides specialized care to relieve your pain and ensure your bones heal correctly. If you need care for a fracture, don’t hesitate to call the practice today, walk into the office for care, or request a consultation on the website.

What are the signs of a fracture?

A fracture, or broken bone, happens when there’s a crack in the bone or it ruins the whole way through. Most fractures are the result of a traumatic injury, where the force is greater than the bone can take.

Many different types of fractures range from mild to life-threatening. Foot and ankle fractures are common, especially in athletes who play contact sports or involve jumping.

Pain is one of the main symptoms of a broken foot or ankle. However, you may not know if you break a small bone in your foot, especially if it’s not severe. Signs and symptoms of a foot or ankle fracture include:

  • Bruising 
  • Swelling
  • Tenderness
  • Obvious deformity
  • Trouble bearing weight 

Usually, you notice the signs and symptoms of a fracture immediately – unless you have a stress fracture. These fractures happen over time and cause pain but are due to overuse and repeated stress.

Could I have a sprain?

Some ankle fractures may present as an ankle sprain, especially if it happens from a twisting movement or a fall. Ankle sprains are different from fractures but cause similar levels of pain and disability.

An ankle sprain occurs when the ligaments on the outer aspect of the ankle stretch past their average capacity, causing swelling and discomfort in the joint — severe ankle sprains cause the ligaments to tear completely. 

You can have a fracture or an ankle sprain if you have bruising, swelling, pain, and difficulty walking on the injured ankle. The only way to know for sure is to have an X-ray.

How are fractures treated?

At Mesilla Valley Footcare, Dr. Cadena and Dr. Miranda promptly diagnose and treat ankle sprains and foot fractures. At the practice, they provide on-site digital X-rays to diagnose a fracture quickly.

If Dr. Cadena or Dr. Miranda find a fracture, they provide fast and efficient treatment. The main goal of fracture care is to stabilize the bones and immobilize them to allow them to heal correctly.

Mild-to-moderate fractures require casting or splinting. Toe fractures may only require taping and an orthopedic shoe until the bone heals.

Surgery may be necessary for more severe fractures or multiple broken bones in the foot or ankle. During surgery, Dr. Cadena and Dr. Miranda reduce the fracture and secure it with a plate and screws.

Call Mesilla Valley Footcare today to schedule an appointment for fracture care or request a consultation on the website.